Hello there friends of mine…

As you all know by now, I’ve started my trip on the 15th of June. Today , after a week in the sole company of Sandy, I finally found time to lay out some lines for you guys. Although initially my plan was to write a short entry every day or at least every other day, it seems that I had my hopes way up high….. The weather in Norway was not friendly to me at all, thus making it impossible to connect to the internet and upload anything worthy of you guys, so I just limited my postings to photos taken alongside my journey.
When I left Tromso, I remember it was sunny and warm. I left at about 2 PM without having an exact idea about where I would be sleeping or how far would I get during that day. Let’s say I sort of took comfort in the fact that I found myself in the warm and smiling company of the Midnight Sun….so nothing could possibly go wrong. …right ?  Knowing that wild camping is allowed here in Norway, I didn’t bother much caring about anything at all…..Imagine waking up every day to a breath taking wild view in some beautiful place or some lovely little city., having your coffee, knowing that there’s no IMG_0121[1]place you need to be, nothing you need to do, except be free and do what you enjoy most. Lovely feeling, isn’t it ?!? That’s how I feel every morning: happy, free, inquisitive, excited, motivated. After my first 370 km I found this lovely place on a fjord’s shores and without any hesitation, I have placed my orange tent there and let all that was happening to me sink in. It was enough for the first day. The following days I raised the bar to 600 km per day. I stopped in every place I liked, took a lot of photos , but most of all, I tried to ‘’breathe in’’ everything IMG_0179xI was seeing, for I knew there was going to be little chance I would ever see the same exact places ever again. One would think that after living almost 6 years in Norway has a pretty good idea about what IT can offer as a country ( landscape wise ). Well I stand corrected! Although I do like to discover new places and I am constantly chasing new adventures, I call this country an adventure all on its own. It is so beautiful that words cannot possibly describe it, so I won’t even give it a try. I guess you will just have to take my word for it, or better yet, come up here and see with your own eyes. Personally, I felt like stopping every 5 minutes to photograph something, regardless of the constant rain or the clouds that were sometimes stealing away part of my view.
But what about driving, some may be wondering? Well, pretty good roads wit10614323_565144310284396_6072494237069255894_nh quite a few light curves, safe enough to be taken with 90 to 100 km/hour. Safe and yet a bit exciting. A bit of an adrenaline rush never killed anyone … on the contrary. Oh, but how could I forget about the constant light! Great feeling to know that it never gets dark this period of year (up here it doesn’t), but as you go South, night is slowly taking over the day. It’s like those times when we find ourselves with one foot in the rain and with the other on dry land. Pretty great feeling, isn’t it ?!? That’s how I feel leaving towards ‘’ the dark’’ (sound so apocalyptical, but you know what I mean :).  11351328_567548023377358_1127139342870396285_nOr how could I forget about the lovely people I’ve met along my way so far and their smiles and kind words! So much to share with you guys, but I just can’t know when I am close to internet. But I will try to camp in special camping areas from now on, so that I can keep in touch with you more.

I really hope you are enjoying the pictures I am posting on Facebook and that you are still by my side until the end of this amazing journey of mine.
Kind wishes to all of you and talk to you soon.



PS : I am leaving for Denmark, then swiftly through Germany and then to Netherland. I will keep you posted about how I find everything, including photos and short videos. Also, I will have a more detailed entry about each country and my experiences in it once I’ll be back home and have enough time to edit photos and write for as long as I wish.

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