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I have been wondering for a while now,  what do people write on a blog ! I have been giving it so much thought actually, that by the time I had some ideas gathered, I forgot them instantly when it was time for them to lay ‘on paper ‘. But one must start somehow, so I’ll start by introducing myself.

I am Andrei.

But who am I really??!!  What makes me different or similar to any of you guys?!  To tell you the truth, I have no idea. I guess I am a bit of everything:  a bit of a dreamer, a bit of an achiever, but most of the times I am just this kid who sometimes dares to dream big dreams, even if odds are not always in my favor. But, the harder it gets, the wiser we become  ( at least that’s what I have been told ).

Although not a born Norwegian, I live in Norway, this beautiful and endlessly fascinating country. I could write pages only about the greatness of these lands and the kindness of these people… Let’s just say I consider myself lucky to have made friends here and to having had the chance to discover more and more amazing things every day.

Going further with my story, you need to know that it has been a lifelong dream of mine to do something special. I own a small business in the city of Tromso, which entails taking tourists to see the Northern Lights and the Norwegian Fjords, and it is through this activity that I got to see so many dreams come true and was privileged enough to witness so much happiness and accomplishment in the eyes of those people (most of whom I am lucky to say that I consider now my friends), that I have reached the conclusion maybe it was time for me to do something about mine.  What exactly is my dream about, you may wonder!

Well, I own a motIMG_98x07orbike, to be more exact a BMW  K1300R. The first thing that I have ever owned( and bought with my own money ) was another motorbike , so myself and riding go way back in time. Riding is to me, personally, the most relaxing and enjoyable activity (or you may call it hobby if you like) out there.

One of these past days, I re-watched ‘The long way round’ and ‘The long way down’ (television series), and I found myself totally inspired by what Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor did. After  giving it a real good thought, I have come to the conclusion that I would like to do something of that sort myself, so I came up with a plan. My plan is to ride through Europe on its edges, therefore the name ‘Europe on the Edge’. This trip would take me through 24 countries and a total distance of slightly above 21000 km.  My idea is to do this within 40 days, this way being able to visit some places I’m going to pass through and document the trip as best as I can.

So basically, I am hoping to reach some sort of (what can be called )spiritual cleansing (in my particular case), to  see Europe through the shield of my helmet, see  everything from much closer and more vividly,  but most of all, to be able to  share my love for motorcycles with others .

The trip would be taking place this summer ( 15th of June being the staring date ).

For now, I am in the phase of gathering sponsors since it’s not a cheap trip and any kind of help would be more than welcome. Some dear friends of mine (friends I have made through my job ) are already way in helping me to fulfill this dream of mine and I will be forever grateful to them for the trust they have invested in me. I feel compelled not to let them down out of two reasons:

  1. Trust is really hard to find, let alone give these days we live in
  2. This is what I have been dreaming and breathing for a while now, so there’s no greater motivation than this!

I will be writing about every step that I will take to get closer to fulfilling my dream, I will document everything with photos and videos,  and I will be as dedicated as I will possibly can to tell you guys everything, good and bad, so you can either find inspiration or declares yourselves defeated ( which I hope won’t be the case for any of you ).  Some of you will find my experiences interesting, some of you will find them dull and rather boring, some of you might not care…..but I kindly ask you not to be too harsh on me, for this is the first time I really dare to dream big.




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