Hello again 🙂

I know it’s  been a while since I haven’t written anything, but all my energy seems to be going into finding sponsors and partnerships these days. The closer the moment I have to leave, the worse the restlessness becomes. But let us focus on the good aspects of the entire thing. I have bought new “shoes ” for my partner in crime. I was just like a child, waiting on Christmas Night to uncover its presents… YUP… guilty of terrible over excitement. When they arrived, I remember it was raining so I shouldn’t have…but, you know I didJ : I took it for a spin and it was great! An unknown before sense of pride started to make its way through my veins, and suddenly I found myself looking rather dumb, but very satisfied.

colajj    Thinking about the strong connection between my bike and I made me think: what if I give it a name?

Sandy came to mind. It sounds good to me but any other suggestion is more than welcome. Sandy is no longer “it”. Now she has a name. I can only hope that we will get along for as long as I shall be in her life and she in mine.

For those of you whom may wonder why Sandy, I’d like to tell that it’s the name of a horse I used to have back in the day, when I was just a child, having no bigger plans than what I was going to have for dinner and if I were to be allowed to stay out and play for as long as I would have liked to 🙂

For now I shall leave you with just these few sappy words, but my next post will be about the technical aspects of my bike.

Hope you enjoy it and see you next time!



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