Seven day trip in the Atacama desert, Chile with Andrei Andritcu ( founder of
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 Date: 27Apr – 4May 2022
Price: 2050 USD

7-Days in the Atacama desert, Chile

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Join me on this amazing photo tour throughout the driest desert on Earth . Discover the secrets of nightscape photography, the breathtaking scenery and the elusive wildlife. I hope the outcome of this experience will enrich your photography skills and portfolio .

Tour details :

We meet at Calama airport on the 27th of April. From there we drive through the desert until we reach San Pedro de Atacama oasis. Most would think that desert is only sand as far as the eye can see, but in Atacama’s case things are a bit different. The area is surrounded by high volcanos that reach over 5000-6000 meters in altitude. At their highest peaks they are covered in snow. Canyons and salt flats are also part of this unusual scenery.


Atacama’s uniqueness lies in the fact that is a totally atypical desert. It gives its visitors the feeling of a naked planet, an untouched and unexplored part of the Earth. One may even imagine it as walking on the Moon. It’s utterly beautiful, that is why we have chosen this special place for you to discover with us.

The itinerary of the trip will be established at the scene mainly because of weather factors. Must see places include the flamingo reserve, Lagoona Baltinoche ( swimming allowed ), the Thermal Puritana (swimming allowed ), the Tatio geyser, the Miscanti lagoon,  the Moon Valley, the Valle del Arcoiris and Piedras Rojas.

Nights in the Atacama are also one of our points of interest due to its 0 pollution levels and very low humidity levels. The most important night sky observatories from the Southern hemisphere are located here. This may sound unreal, but dark nebulas can be seen with the naked eye.
After a few days of acclimatization in San Pedro ( 2400 meters altitude ), we will drive up to 5000 m to see the area from up above. It will be quite a unique experience, so prepare for an exciting experience. The period we have chosen is perfect for night sky tracking due to the lack of the moonlight.
Payment can be done 500usd in advance and the rest until 1st of February 2022


Price includes

– Ground transportation

– All necessary permits

– Accommodation double room (500usd extra for single)

– Breakfast

– Photo instructions

Not included

 – Meals/snacks/drinks

– Flights

– Travel insurance

– Visa fees


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